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Welcome to the Summary page of your catering department. 

The summary page is the introduction to the rest of your catering pages. With OrderEze, you have the ability to add unlimited "associated" pages, or menus. You no longer have to have your menu listed on one endless page, where people have to scroll endlessly to see your menus. You can break your menu down into as many pages as you like. You can even list season menus, which you can "hide" from your customers view until the time is right!  Like any other content page on your new OrderEze site, you can add unlimited photos, links, contact forms and more, without ever encouring an additional charge!  Click menu links below to see how clear your menus will appear to your cusotmers, and remember, with our exclusive quick edit systen, you can change your menus, or add additional menus just by logging in!

To learn more about how our catering module can help build your bsuiness, click the contact link below, and a representative will call you as soon as possible!

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