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Cheese Curds with Sweet Chili Sauce
Riverside lightly breaded cheese curds, quick fried and served with sweet chili sauce

Spicy Cheese Curds
Riverside's lightly breaded cheese curds with a jalapeno kick. Served with avocado ranch sauce.

Avocado Frites
Fresh avocados breaded with panko and quick fried. A fun twist on the standard deep fried vegetable bite.

Duck Bacon & Sweet Corn Wontons
A delectable filling of duck bacon, charred sweet corn, and cream cheese placed inside a wonton wrapper.

Cowboy Corn Bites
Sweet corn kernels, bacon and jalapenos gently blended into cream cheese. Breaded and fried.

Jalapeno Spiked Potato Cheddar Bites
Potatoes, Cheddar cheese and chopped jalapeno peppers make these a tasty appetizer. Also available without the jalapenos for those that don't like the heat. (Mark in notes if you would like the plain variety).

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